Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Friday's Writing Prompt

The Face of the Wild TIger (Photo via Good Free Photos)

One of our writing mentors 
(from SLCC Community Writing Center) 
showed us a picture of a tiger hiding in the tall grass. 
Here is my story.

The Attack!
By Ray Johnson

The tiger is looking for food and eating everything in sight. He lies down to take a long nap in the patch of grass. 

The noise of a water buffalo crossing his path wakes him up. He creeps up to the big water buffalo to eat him. The big water buffalo runs away from the tiger to his pack. The tiger loses his dinner.


Matthew L. King said...

I love your story, Ray!

It brings an image of a sly and sneaky tiger to my mind and makes me grateful that the water buffalo got away! But I still feel a bit bad that the tiger goes away with an empty belly for that meal. That's the way of nature sometimes, right?

I am so glad to see your writing is improving and you're having with creating new characters and worlds with words.

You are an amazing person and give me hope and motivation to never give up on my goals.
If Ray can get up and fight today, can keep learning and growing and doing everything he can, then so can I.

And so can you, all who read this story and comment!

Have a great day! Go read (or even write!) a book!

Anonymous said...

That was an AWESOME story!!! I loved the surprise ending about the "tiger losing his dinner".
That was very clever. Good Story, Ray!

Unknown said...

I liked Ray’s writing. I was especially surprised the Tiger missed his meal.

Deb said...

Thank you for responding to Ray's story. He greatly appreciates your interest.