Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Artists Among Us

We've been exploring art media and artists' works for several months. One of the outcomes of this unit of study is for two of our learners to sue their talents to produce unique art works to donate to our center. 

Danny and Teresa presented their pieces at our this year's annual fundraiser on Thursday, August 30, 2018. As part of their presentations, they wrote and delivered their art statements. 

For a glimpse of their work, see below.


Danny's Artist Statement

Danny reading his artist statement. His OC is being held up behind him. 

Mario, Snake, Link, Sonic, and Fox. What do these names have in common? If you’re not a gamer, nothing. If you are a gamer, hero comes to mind.

I made this drawing because I want to be a hero too, but through video games. I want to bring the world together through them. I like to see people smile. I love to see people happy. I believe with games I can make that happen.

I used a pencil to draw the picture, a couple of markers to trace the picture to make it darker, the eraser of the pencil to get rid of the original lines, and Photoshop to color it. I based my drawing off an OC (original character) that I made on one of my games.

I have made other drawings like a close up picture of a wolf face, but this is my first full body picture. I never made something like this before.  


Teresa's Artist Statement (aka Stilz)

Teresa reading her artist statement. Her art piece is displayed to her left.

As an artist, I use my imagination and creativity in my artwork to let me think of what to paint.  

The tools I use are a blank canvas, paint brushes, color paints, and artist oil to mix the colors together.

My style is mostly abstract, although I have done other types of paintings, which is the style I have done on this piece here.

I looked at this blank canvas, and I had visions in my mind. So I used my paint brush to outline the face and the background.

After I was done outlining the face and the background, I began to put in colors, including the shadows on my painting.


“You don’t have to be perfect to be an artist.
All you have to do is just be creative.” - Stilz

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