Sunday, June 11, 2017


State-sponsored Professional Development

In 2015-2016. Deb and Apina participated in a 9-session Adult Education Math Institute and Summer Conference 2016, both sponsored by Utah State Board of Education (USBE).

In the fall of 2016, Betsy, Travis, and Deb participated in the first state-offered adult education CCRS (College-Career Readiness Standards) workshops.

This spring, we participated in the SIP (Standards-in-Practice) Training which was also focused on CCRS. Debbie, Carol, Kathy, and Deb attended 2 full-day workshops, 3 webinars, and produced 4 college/career-related lesson plans.

Last week, Paul, Ashley, Mike, and Deb attended Summer Conference 2017, a two-day conference jam-packed with college-career information plus many other possibilities.

Why do we go?

Literacy Action Center is not your ordinary adult literacy organization. We see ourselves as a part of the bigger picture of delivering quality adult literacy education and instruction to a specific group of adults who struggle with literacy issues. Without intervention or support, these adults are barred access to further education.

As such, we are part of a feeder system, moving these adults on to high school diplomas or a GED, trade school, or community college. We also raise knowledge, skills, and abilities so learners can gain confidence to keep or pursue employment. And, we help them help their families members and engage in community activities.

While we don't have all the answers, we do know how to struggle with these issues and engage our learners in helping us make the best decisions to help them.
Interesting fact. We are the only community-based adult literacy organization in Utah that has attended all of these trainings. This means, we are the only Utah adult literacy program to use these interactions and opportunities to figure out how to best implement these changes as we simultaneously focus on the needs and difficulties of the adults we serve.

Please participate in our journey. 
Follow us and give input. 
Your engagement is always welcome.

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