Sunday, June 11, 2017

CCRS Implementation Phase II

Jeff & Sara engage us in CCRS.

From January to May 2017, Debbie, Carol, Kathy, and Deb participated in Phase II of the CCR Standards-in-Practice Training. Our goal was to better integrate CCRS (College-Career Readiness Standards) into our everyday instruction. And, beef up our career-related instruction.


Jeff Fantine and Sara Gutting facilitated this instruction. Both individuals were experienced adult educators who had previously incorporated CCRS into their instructional practices.


Jeff & Sara's goal for Phase II was to make CCRS a habit of mind. We, along with fourteen other adult educators, were challenged to become so attuned to the content and structure of CCRS that we could easily incorporate these standards into any instruction. To prove our agility, we were to create a single lesson plan and then build the single plan into an entire unit.

This training included:

  • January 17 - pre-webinar on understanding and breaking down the standards; 
  • February 7-8 - two-day face-to-face training focused on:

            Aligning Existing Lessons to Anchors
            Incorporating Instructional Shifts and Relevant Resources
            Creating and Teaching Standards-based Lessons
  • March 22 - webinar about sharing lessons; and 
  • May 3 - webinar about units of instruction and next steps.


We examined the standards, shared ideas, wrote plans, and implemented CCRS-oriented instruction. See our Composition of our Neighborhood lesson to judge how we did. Here's the CCRS (College-Career Readiness Standards) for a bigger pictures of what we're supposed to include in our lessons. 

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