Saturday, August 21, 2010

This has been a good week. I took two math tests and I moved up two grades. I have helped other people with their work. I help with the fundraiser. I played games and lost.

I worked on the fundraiser it was fun. Also worked on my typing skills.

This past week I thoroughly enjoyed attending and being a part of the fundraiser and auction. It was very satisfying to see the proceeds that the center received from the auction. The hard work put in by the staff and volunteers was rewarded with the benefits gained.

Katrina M
I went to the fundraiser at the beginning of the wee. It was the first time I had ever gone to a silent auction. I had a lot of fun walking around and keeping my bid the highest. It was a blast.

Every day that I come to work I always learn something new. I find this program very interesting. When someone has a question I am not always one hundred percent on it. There are some things I do not know, but I am determined to find out.

Literacy Action Center is a great place to work and learn. Everyone is understanding, and it is a lot of fun. It is so amazing to watch people blossom and learn. Watching the learners struggle then overcome is awesome.

Saturday, Sean and I went to Heritage Park and they were doing a type of reenactment of different battles during the Civil War. It was fun, exciting to be part of, and very educational. We made candles, enrolled in the Union Army and ate “hardtack,” which toasted like piece of salty cardboard.

Julie B
I am doing well on my times tables. I started a new book, it has 325 pages.
I learned how to do math that I forgotten. I’m getting better at reading and writing. Confidence to read because I’m getting better.
I’m so cool ! Everybody thinks so. Everybody wishes they could be like me.

I have been working on my subtraction this week. I read some stories and answered the questions. I have had fun meeting new people at Literacy Action Center.

Julie L
I like being on facebook. I have tried to send a yes notice to a friend request I got from my tutor. She used to tutor me. Her name is Elisa. I finally ended up putting her in my message on facebook. So I wouldn’t have to go through losing her friend request.

My success for the week has been learning my fractions. I also did well on my test. I’m not that excited about working with fractions they give me a headache.

I am here down at Literacy Action Center learning my times tables in math and learning how to read and understand the books I read. I am doing better in math and reading. I am learning how to write my own story books. People who read them tell me they are interesting. I have one story that is a Christmas book about when I was in heaven before I came to earth. The other story is about being drugged out of a T.V. screen when this family was watching the movie “Wizard of Oz.” I took it personal when I was growing up when people called me midget and that I needed to go back to Oz. I am not taking it personal. I changed something negative to something positive, and made fun of it.

I made it to school this week and got to meet new people.
I have started to study a book on police exams so I can become a police officer. My math is way better now. My grammar is better now and my reading is also.

Well, the time is here. I’m starting school inless than a week. I get more nervous each day it gets closer. I’m taking five classes, which is 13 credit hours. I have seven text books. I hope I do okay this semester. I’m not taking one class subject that I like. Plus, I’m really sad to leave Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m going to miss everybody a ton.

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