Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Successes!

This week I learned fractions in math. I am going to do equations, ratios, and proportions next.

Julie L
I am almost finished reading all of Mystery Ranch. I have only 37 more pages! I’m doing really well on my spelling and my addition.

I think that blogs are fun. I am learning about math and grammar, and I am also learning about writing. I have been at the literacy program for about 5 months.

I have been here for a couple of months now, and every time I come in I learn something new. Right now I am learning how to find the perimeter and area of some pretty hard and weird shapes. It gets hectic, but I work through it. My goal is to get my sixty hours and pass the test. Then I will go to college to become a welder. After that, I will join the Marine Corp. The Literacy Action Center has really helped me a lot to reach my goal. Thank you to the people here that have helped me.

I’m learning how to speak and write grammaatically correct. I'm a lot better since I started volunteering here at the Literacy Action Center.

I am working on subtracting and addition. I didn’t like it at all, but now I like it. I am getting better with it. For the first time ever I did some time tables yesterday. I want to move on to harder math, so I am working hard to try to get up into harder math. I want to go to college to get my masters in mechanics. I want to work on cars and trucks and get certified in mechanic work.

I have started reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini again. So far it’s going much better than the last time.

I am also doing a quick review (refresher or whatever anyone calls it) on my multiplication; hopefully I will get that mastered... Although, today’s multiplication was a horror (I admit). I’m sure more practice is in order.

I have started reading a new book called Something Mis ing. It’s about a thief who steals household items, such as food, toiletries, jewelry, and dishes. I am doing the summer reading program at the Salt Lake County Library System. I also read the Reader’s Choice books. I have a chance to win a prize when I vote for Reader’s Choice books.

I’m reading the first of the Vampire Chronicles Series by Anne Rice. This is the fourth attempt of trying to read this book. The first three attempts were too hard. I’m trying again with a tape to follow along with.

Since I have been coming to the Literacy Action Center, I have more confidence in myself.

Katrina -- My Vampire Adventures
When I got the sixth book called Vampire Armand from Anne Rice, I got it on my birthday. That was on the 20th of July. It has been almost ten days, and I am almost done.

Spencer -- Math Problems
I am doing harder math. At first I hated it. Now I love it! I love it because it makes me think.

DeWayne -- My Experience at the Sonic Burger Restaurant
On Tuesday of this week, my nephew and I went to the Sonic Burger Restaurant that is on Redwood Road and about 33rd South. Apparently, they have a special on Tuesdays and the Jr. burgers only cost me forty-nine cents apiece. So for Sean and me, I ordered six of them and two drinks at one dollar apiece. The bill, with tax, came to $5.33.

When the carhop came with the order, I gave him $5.52 because I couldn’t find another penny. My change, of course, should have been just nineteen cents. Now, I don’t know if the waiter didn’t have the correct change or didn’t know how much I was supposed to get back because he gave me a quarter. I didn’t say anything to the carhop but I did call the cooperate office and let them know what happened.

If this was just an isolated incident the company was shorted by a few pennies. But times this by one hundred customers per day, and then times that by hundreds of restaurants, this can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It seems to me that there needs to be more people coming to the Literacy Action Center.

Amanda -- My experience working at the Literacy program
First of all I want to start this by introducing myself. My name is Amanda.
I am here because, I have to be… No, I’m joking! I’m here because, I like to help people. This job is perfect for me. Ever sense I started working here I liked it. I wouldn’t have comeback if I didn’t. “Ha, Ha.” This experience so far has been GREAT! I think the people that I work with are very sweet. Individuals are unique in their own way!

This week I had the wonderful experience of witnessing the birth of my 2nd daughter. Thinking of the students at Literacy Action Center and their enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things has reminded me of the task I am now undertaking. I will be teaching and learning new things with my baby girl on a daily basis. I hope that this excitement to gather knowledge will also be displayed by my baby girl (Sadie). I am looking forward to watching her grow and develop, just as I have watched the students here do. This is a very exciting time for me, and I look forward each new day.

My goals are to stick with my goals; I want to succeed with me getting ready for my state exam. I get to study one hour a day here at the Literacy Action Center. It is great that Deb is giving me the opportunity to study. I am now half way through the book.

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