Saturday, October 17, 2020

2020 Voting in Utah - Starts Now

The time is now.

Utah ballots are in our mailboxes.

Did you know...

  • 15 people running for U.S. President are listed on our Utah ballot?  For example, the first name on the ballot is an entrepreneur who was a child actor and currently lives in Puerto Rico. 
  • 8 people are running for Utah governor? For example, one of the candidates is co-owner of a chiropractic office in Ogden. Another candidate is a bariatric surgeon.
  • 6 amendments to our Utah Constitution need your attention?
  • 1 state supreme court justice is up for retention? 

Find out more about what's on your ballot, then vote!

Utah ballots have three sections: 

(1) Candidates for offices at the federal, state, and local levels.

(2) Statewide ballot questions - 7 amendments to the Utah Constitution

(3) Judge retention, including one of our Utah Supreme Court justices

Many resources available online today.

Here are three resources that will help with your specific Utah 2020 ballot: is a state-prepared site that let's you not only track your mailed-in vote but find information about the candidates, constitutional questions, and judges. You type in your address then you will see only what's on your ballot - the races associated with your voting precinct. 

League of Women Voters Utah publishes a booklet presenting lists of candidates, details and arguments for and against the constitutional amendments, and data and links to aid in deciding judge retention decisions. (After clicking on link, click on blue box on left side labeled: "2020 Utah Voter Information Pamphlet" for the pdf containing this information.)  

At, select "Judges by County - 2020 Election" on the left side of the screen. Then narrow your search to the county you live in.  This site is set up by the Utah Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission. You'll see review reports and background information for each judge currently up for retention. (Note: Utah Supreme Court Justice John Pearce is listed with other Appellate court judges.) 

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