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Job Openings: 2 Teachers

Literacy Action Center
Job Posting

Applications accepted until November 18, 2020
[Directions for applying are explained at the bottom of this file.]

Job Title:   Teacher (2 positions open)

                Hours:     Both positions are part-time, up to thirty hours per week
    Salary Range:     $20,000-$40,000 per teacher (grant funded)
             Benefits:    This is a non-benefited position
         Reports to:     Program Coordinator


Literacy Action Center, a 501(c)(3), is seeking 2 dynamic individuals to teach low-literate, English-speaking adults, who enter our program with a range of learning and social disabilities, and work with volunteers. 

Since 1985, we’ve been helping this population of adults living in Salt Lake & Davis Counties, Utah, become skilled, passionate, habitual, critical readers, writers, and math-fluent learners,  tech savvy, and ready for college or careers. With our learner-driven, learner-focused curriculum, we have a proven track record of meeting or exceeding most performance measures set by the Utah State Board of Education. (Note: We are not an ESL/ELL program.) 

These positions are exciting opportunities for forward-thinking individuals with proven expertise to assist underserved low-literate, English-speaking adults to increase their reading, writing, math, and tech skills for academic achievement tests and realia. Help them accomplish their personal goals. Integrate and deliver college-career readiness and technology into curriculum. Assist and support learners in making transitions. Teach and support volunteer tutors to work with adult learners. Work as a team member with other teachers, learners, and volunteer tutors and be open to learning from them. 

Essential Functions & Duties

Help our learners positively increase their everyday literacy skills, effectively raise their academic test scores, successfully transition to college and careers, and efficiently negotiate their environments. Help our learners become more effective critical thinkers, problem-solvers, team members, and digital-literacy users. 


  • Collaborate on the development and delivery of effective learner-centered lesson plans that focus on specific objectives and essential learner-identified and state-mandated outcome measures.
  • Work collaboratively and effectively with multi-level groups, individual learners, and volunteer tutors. Work as a team with teachers, learners, tutors, and program coordinator. 
  • Provide office support, as needed. Support may include answering phones, making copies, and calling learners as well as leading or assisting with events and trainings. 

Learner Instruction

  • Deliver effective instruction in all aspects of phonics, reading, language, math, and college-career curricula for both face-to-face and online instruction (both synchronous and asynchronous) and for large, small, or one-on-one groupings. Organize instructional around College-Career Readiness Standards, Bloom's Taxonomy, & Depth of Knowledge. Incorporate technologies & learner goals. Include Universal Design principles. 
  • Teach adults with a range of literacy and learning abilities in classroom, small group, online, and one-on-one settings. Adapt teaching/learning strategies or materials based on situations. Draw from a wide range of teaching methods and learning strategies. Recognize and adjust for issues impacting adult learners, including a repertoire of learning methods and adaptable strategies.
  • Effectively present information orally, visually, and digitally. Demonstrate effective listening and questioning skills in response to inquiries and misunderstandings. Exhibit strong comprehension skills, English grammar skills, operational math skills, problem solving skills, and spelling skills. 
  • Listen and ask questions before making assumptions or decisions. Willingly take direction from and/or use feedback from other teachers, tutors, learners, and program coordinator to enhance instruction.
  • Oversee and contribute to online learning sites, blogs, etc. Continually grow technology knowledge and skills - productivity software, educational software, and instructional usage. Keep abreast of career content for most common, highly-employable fields, such as nursing, food industry, computer science, or electronics, as well as specific fields identified by learners. 

Tutor Training

  • Educate and support volunteer tutors in developing effective teaching techniques, instructional methods, and technologies to work with adult learners. 
  • Organize and supervise volunteer tutors to work one-on-one or in small groups with adult learners on tasks that move adult learners toward their ultimate goals. Effectively instruct and guide multiple learners and tutors working in a range of content area materials simultaneously. 
  • Participate as part of team in delivering face-to-face and online Tutor Training Workshops and Tutor Talks (5 times annually). Oversee and contribute to online training site.

Ongoing Development

  • Participate in ongoing professional development activities. Read, analyze, and apply information from online webinars, face-to-face meetings, conferences, general periodicals, professional journals, web materials, technical procedures, or governmental regulations to teaching situation. Share what you learn.
  • Participate in scheduled staff and lesson planning meetings.


  • Keep areas safe, clean, and neat. 
  • Contribute to an upbeat, positive atmosphere. Facilitate all aspects of classroom dynamics, while recognizing and honoring diversity, and maintaining a safe, nurturing environment. Ensure that everyone is respectful of all people involved with Literacy Action Center. Offer genuine encouragement. 
  • Recognize and mediate educational and interpersonal communication issues in the classroom. Use appropriate options based on specific situations.
  • Believe in yourself, our awesome learners, and our amazing volunteers. Believe in all of your abilities to transform adults' lives.
  • Be flexible, dependable, kind, and sensitive with a sense of humor. 
  • Be a lifelong learner as well as a teacher. Be willing to grow as an instructional leader and learning facilitator.

Assessments & Documentation

  • Recognize problems and issues, collect data, and draw valid conclusions. Interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in reading, writing, and math methodology and deal with several abstract and concrete variables simultaneously while explaining them in simplest terms to a group of learners with a range of abilities and understandings.
  • Understand importance and expectations of assessment, attendance, state/federal targets, and NRS standards. Work to meet or exceed these requirements.
  • Collect, analyze, and record results following all lessons. Encourage discussion about instructional delivery. Adapt lessons based on feedback. Document and submit all lesson plans, attendance, and progress data daily.
  • Complete TABE and CASAS training. Follow learner orientation, intake, pre-and post-testing, and learning plan protocols. Score and deliver test results. Write up learning plans. Write and deliver test and plan information to learners' sponsors. 

Minimum Qualifications   

  • Bachelor’s degree required. Current teaching license preferred. 
  • Experience in teaching or tutoring basic reading, writing, or math instruction with English-speaking adults with learning difficulties preferred.
  • Online technology skills important.
  • Proven track record for growing learner skills, educating and supporting tutors, and working in a learner-centered educational setting is preferred.
  • Strong interpersonal skills required. Must be able to understand personality types and (re)act appropriately. 

To Apply

Send your resume, your contact information for three references, and a one-to-two page letter specifically describing your qualifications and reasons for interest in this position, to:

Literacy Action Center, 3595 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84115-4434
Telephone 801/265-9081 · Fax 801/265-9643 · E-mail
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No person shall be denied services because of race, religion, color, sex, disability, age, or national origin.

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