Thursday, July 23, 2020

Kitchen Tools & the Six Simple Machines - The Quiz

Our investigation of kitchen tools or gadgets is a result of our cooking unit. One focus of this unit is about cooking tools. Because of the pandemic, face-to-face instruction is out of the question. So, we adapted this section to get us to look in our own kitchen cupboards and drawers. You can see some of the gadgets we found at our learner site

We spent weeks exploring the science behind these gadgets - learning about the six basic machines that underlie all gadgets and tools, even kitchen ones. 

We learned from Live Science that these six machines help: 

  • transfer a force from one place to another,
  • change the direction of a force,
  • increase the magnitude of a force, or
  • increase the distance or speed of a force. 

Now that we're done studying - identifying how these tools use the principals behind the six simple machines, we are ready to take a quiz.

Kitchen Tools & the Six Simple Machines - The Quiz


  1. Click on each correct answer. 
  2. When you get either "Try again" or "Nice work" screen, write the information on the screen in your notes. 
  3. Then click on "Continue quiz" to go to the next question.


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