Monday, August 26, 2019

Carpet-Paint Restores Energy

Afton Blue paint above the new carpet

A year ago, we became blue – Alton Blue to be exact. Thank to Housing Connect, our landlord, we got new carpet and paint.

Housing Connect choose the carpet – same as the carpet installed in the hallway. We picked the paint. I searched the web, asked professional interior designers, and paint specialists. “What’s the best color for engaging people in learning and enhancing their academic achievement? Results: Nothing came out as definitive. I was lost until I remembered, “Ah-ha, I should be asking the people using the room! Let them choose.” So, I did. How? Through a series of votes. (Democracy at its best.)

First, everyone got to go through the book of paint samples and match them with the hallway carpet, then suggest specific colors. Some people did this on their own, and some did this with partners. The results: eighteen different colors, mostly in the blue family.

Second, we voted. I laid out the eighteen color samples on the hallway carpet. The samples stretched out for over four feet. Only one paint sample was lonely – receiving absolutely no votes. The other seventeen samples received a range of one to seven votes, with one vote being the most popular number.

Finally, I laid out the top three colors – Deep Sapphire with seven votes, Afton Blue with seven votes, and Pool Party with six votes – and collected votes. The winner was Afton Blue.

This process took us about three weeks, but the satisfaction over the results was well worth the effort. Over the past year, learners and volunteers have continued to state their pleasure with the color choice. 

Bravo, folks!
Thank you, Housing Connect!

What color would you paint the walls of a learning center?

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