Friday, April 26, 2019

What am I most proud of thus far in my life?

Proud as a Peacock
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That was today's writing prompt. If you were here, and given only a moment to think, what would you have written?

Here's what our group wrote.

Ellen wrote - I'm most proud of these things:
1: I have confidence in my school work.
2: I am able to live on my own.
3: I am able to teach others what I have learned.
4: I am able to write my own stories.
5: I am able to speak in front of people.
6: I am able to read harder books.
7: I am able to do harder math and help others.
8: I am able to save a lot more money.

Danny wrote: I know this is going to sound really conceited, but after I moved to Salt Lake, I'd have to say that the thing I feel most proud of in my life is me. I used to not care about much in my childhood. Now I've held up a job and plan to get another one soon. I'm going to school to get ready for college. I'm managing my money more.

Karen wrote:  The thing I am so proud of is that I stay within my limited budget. I live within my means. I always pay my bills on time and say no to almost everything. When I need something, I save up for it and I have money in my savings account for a rainy day. This is being honest!
     Instead of going out and blowing my money, in my spare time I read and try to gain wisdom and knowledge.
     I stay in tune with God and pay a full-tithing. I always have the necessities of life. I never have to ask others for money and my possessions automatically multiply because of tithing.

Kathy wrote: Although there are many gifts given to me for which I am grateful, and throughout my life I have taken pride in, so very many small and large accomplishments these may actually mean little in the big picture of life. I beam with pride that what I brought into the lives of my daughters has helped them to become politically, environmentally, socially adept and artistic, personable, loving, responsible citizens. I know that I played a role in even the negative qualities I see in them, and the ways they have learned to cope with who they are and the lives they have chosen. So far, I am most proud that I have contributed these two wonderful women to the world.  

Ray wrote: My proudest moment was when I got my Eagle Scout award at the age of fourteen on July 4, 1976. It took me about three years to do it. 

What are you most proud of thus far in your life?

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