Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Group Story: A Panda, A Tiger, & A Turkey

Story written by Tuesday's Feasters

Panda riding Siberian tiger.

A long, long time ago in China, a big, fat panda was chomping on succulent green bamboo. The sky darkened. A herd of rhinos stomped quickly under the panda. 

Frightened, the panda plunged to the earth, landing on a Siberian tiger. Surprised, the tiger bolted and the panda clung on for dear life.

After several hundred yards, the cranky, annoyed tiger spotted the source of his back pain – the big, fat panda. He immediately said, “You better be tasty!”

Panda sheepishly said, “I’ll get off at the next corner, please.”

The tiger was quick to reply, “Oh, no, you don’t. No stops until the end of the line."

As they got closer to the first village house, the tiger smelled the enticing aroma of roasting turkey. Sidetracked, the tiger slowed down. Seeing an opportunity, the panda quietly and quickly slipped off the tiger and ran home.

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