Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Dream catchers

What will this dream catcher catch tonight at your home?
Note: Writings have not been edited. 


Dream insights
By Kuku
Dreams tell you or me something that can become happiness, really bad news, or good news. Dreams are lights into our lives. Our feelings give us different looks into ourselves as well as Ruwuizes. Dreams can tell us before something happens to us. Some of us have that feeling throughout our lives. We have barriers. It is really hard to describe some issues about our futures. The future brings us closer to our good dreams. Our journey on the road includes hunting and planning. The journey is a trip of a life time. Kicking off and looking at the new world is fantastic!


A High Sky Dream

By Danny
I stood on top of a cliff with complete faith in what I wanted, I jumped off. I fell towards the ground at a high speed. As if on a glider I sored Skyward. I saw people Below me.

I felt so happy that I did loop-de-loops. I flew down to a house and in an open window. I hovered over someone sleeping in their bed. Then I woke up to see a little bird over me.


What does my dream catcher say to me if it could talk
By Ellen

What I dream about is I would walk into L.A.C. one day and
tell Deb I am not coming back. I have graduated from college
and I will be teaching at Ashley’s school and I will come back
to visit as often as I can.


Dream Snatcher
By Deb

Toss. Turn. Move around.
Squash, squish. Punch it down.
Toss left. Turn right. Darkness surround.
Thoughts settle. Images abound. 
Results? Many or few. All astound.

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