Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Everyone stood frozen in shock!

Our story starter turned some of us into horror writers and others into romance writers. These writings were quick ten-minute drafts. Please enjoy them "as is" because we had no time to edit. 

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Wednesday Morning Group

        Everyone stood frozen in shock...

Everyone stood frozen in shock when they saw a car accident the dead bodies on the street the ambulance driver took them away.

Everyone stood frozen in shock. Disbelief pervaded the crowd. Did the dancer bouncing on the side of the glass library wall just plunge through the glass? Was she really dangling and bouncing inside then outside of the jagged edges with blood spurting towards the audience at regular intervals? 

Everyone stood frozen in shock. Because we don’t know other people’s values or cultures, we don’t know what is going on. For example, I need a lot of fun. I look at things around me. I hear, and I watch. TV shows really give me characters of hope and wishes from all these things I see. Around with me daily, life is full of temperatures – positive and negative emotions.  What’s worries me in my culture is shock.

Everyone stood frozen in shock when they heard a new student is coming to our high school. This is student is a bad boy, he had a motorcycle. He had long black hair, with beautiful gorgeous red eyes his name is Kyle Carson. Rumor has it that Kyle had been kicked out of different schools for vandalism. Everyone was talking about it. The students were talking about him, their were afraid to go near him. Except one student who is not afraid to talk to Kyle.

Her name is Emily Johnson, Emily got tired of the same old good behavior boyfriends. She always dumps them on their second dates. She walked towards him and then Kyle turns around. Then they start look at each other eye’s for the first they meet. The students couldn’t believe what they saw. They made them speechless.

My point here is that good girls always fall in love with bad boys. Not good girls always fall with good boys. 

Everyone saw two people skating on ice when the ice broke and cracked underneath them. They fell into the lake. They were hollering for help.

People around them looked and went to get more help. Then the fire department came and rescued them.

Everyone stood frozen in shock as the earth began to shake. They were trying to figure out what was happening when out of nowhere a herd of buffalo came running down the street.

The crowd scrambled for safety to avoid being trampled.  But where did they come from? Why are they running?

Just then behind them I saw…….

Everyone stood frozen in shock because they saw lions. Then they shot them with darts with medicine. Monkeys, zebras,  gazelles, hippopotamus and a cougar. A man and a lady in uniform with guns.

The day started so normal, so boring. I walked to school for another long day of being bored.

I made it past 45th when the sky change dark red. I saw a crowd of people staring up to the sky. They stood there frozen in shock as a giant meteor came down from the heavens.

Today may not be as boring as I thought.

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