Saturday, November 4, 2017

Beguiling Charm

October 31 found our Tuesday afternoon group writing a story. Want to read the results? Read below.


Beguiling Charm

One spooky afternoon, Black Thunder landed her massive spaceship in the middle of a dozen tombstones. All she heard was dead silence, but what she saw as she raised the hatch brought her up short and terrified her to the bone.

A figure loomed, or was it just a shadow, between two extravagantly chiseled granite mausoleums encircled like a macabre portal by bouquets of black, thorned, funeral roses and a murder of crows.

“Holy Zeus,” she exclaimed breathlessly. Anxiously, she murmured, “What are you?”

“A friend,” it said, “and what are you?”

"A friend, huh!” she said with extreme relief.


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