Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Arts Festival & Community Writing Center

Writers sharing their stories at 2016 Utah Arts Festival.

Five of us read to a crowded room last June at the Utah Arts Festival. 

For one of us, this community reading was a first.

The community listening to us were writers from other writing groups from across the city. These writers told us stories and recited poetry. These writers kept us glued to our seats, listening with anticipation.

Our five writers were no exceptions. 
  • Trudy drew us into her relationship with a treasured friend - her cat, Bobcat. 
  • Sarah took us through a series of snapshots of conversations and situations within a small community. 
  • Tyson described the circumstance around Abe Lincoln knifing James Buchanan in self-defense. 
  • Betsy shared her fantasy into Squeekamerica, where a creature wears his moods on his skin. 
  • Deb explained her view of how social media should be integrated into an organization.

This June, more of us will be reading our latest stories 
at the Utah Arts Festival on Friday, June 23 at 6:30 PM. 

You will join us this year, won't you? 

With your ticket to the festival, you can get a front row seat. 

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