Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Gripping Tale (written by committee)

Have you written a good story lately? 
How 'bout with a group?
That's what we do whenever we party here. 

Years ago, learners discovered that Deb could turn almost any story into an adventure. Her reputation has been passed on to future groups. Some past learners come back to visit just to be part of the next story.

Deb has standards. She won't enact just any story. Learners must collectively write a story worthy of sharing. The plot has to be visible with true conflict, action, emotion, and interesting vocabulary. For Halloween 2016, the group created yet another worthy, gripping tale.


One Dark, Dreary, Creepy Night

One dark, dreary, creepy night, Patrick, a drunk, skinny, under-aged, red-haired geek, surveyed the cold women swinging from the dirty ropes tied to the rafters. He approached one of the chilled, red-eyed forms. Suddenly, the lifeless form dropped to the floor into a heap. 

Patrick stumbled backwards and trembled as the figure rose before him. The color drained from Patrick’s face, and he froze in fear. Seconds later, he collapsed. Before his knees touched the wood floor, the attractive brunette grabbed him by the neck, flipped him over her shoulder, and packed him off to the cemetery.

Once in the cemetery, she lugged him to an open grave that contained a hidden staircase. At the bottom of the staircase, she crawled through a trap door, dragging him behind her. She entered the silent, eerie, green-glowing chamber and deposited Patrick into a tank full of underground booze.

As the booze tickled his feet, he shivered. He eyed his captor and tried to wiggle free. Instead, she clenched his neck with her enormous fangs. Instantly, he, too, became a vampire.

Three thousand years later, Patrick smiled and said, “And that, my boys, is how I met your darling mother.”

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