Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How do you make the Best Quality Hard-Boiled Eggs?

What's your recipe for the best hard-boiled eggs?

Almost everyone has one. We did, too.

Our Friday group wanted to examine science and food. So, what better way to engage everyone in the scientific method? We started with something we all knew - boiling water and eggs. And, we all had something to say - either from personal experience or observation.

What did we do? We worked through the scientific method to set up our experiments - three tried-and-true recipes for making the best quality hard-boiled eggs.

Here's the Scientific Method that we followed:
1. Observe. Ask questions.
2. Do background research.
3. Construct hypothesis. (What do we think will happen?)
4. Test hypothesis. (Do the experiment. Collect and organize data.)
5. Analyze data. Draw conclusions.
6. Share results. 

Our experiments were three hard-boiled egg recipes: two from learners and one from

Like all good experiments, we made a hypothesis. We hypothesized which of the three recipes would produce the best quality hard-boiled egg. 

See the photos resulting from our experiment. Which recipe do you think we picked before we conducted the experiment? Which recipe do you think was the winner? 

To read our full report - our recipes, design process, methods, and discussion, click on this link to our June 20-24, 2016 lesson screen on our learner website. On the learner website, scroll to the files below the Friday entry, then click on Food Science.Boiled Egg

How did our recipes stack up to your best boiled-egg recipe?
Do you agree with our interpretations and conclusions?
Please comment below.

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