Friday, April 22, 2016

SLCC Community Writing Center's Celebration

Where were you on Thursday, April 21, 2016?

Julie, Judy, Patrick, Paul, Trudy, & Debbie were at SLCC Community Writing Center's DiverseCity Writing Series semi-annual public reading. And, guess what? They were confidently reading their original stories to more than forty avid listeners. 

Bravo, Julie, Judy, Patrick, Paul, Trudy, & Debbie!

sine cera 2016
The audience laughed - Julie's character slipped on a banana, and Patrick's character was given permission to drive and drink (but, as he said, not at the same time). 

The audience grew hungry, especially as they listened to Debbie read detailed directions on how she makes chicken enchiladas.

The audience reflected on past memories. Trudy did this by telling a tale about a new born baby, Judy described the beginnings of her affair with books, and Paul told us about his visits to our state capitol in which one visit included "making donuts" in the capitol's parking lot.

But these 6 writers weren't alone last night. Fourteen other writers read their poems and stories, too. This semi-annual gathering celebrated the writings of more than 30 of our neighbors across the Salt Lake metropolitan area. And, writers received their copies of the 2016 edition of the sine cera containing their works.

All of this happened because of Salt Lake Community College's Community Writing Center's dedicated, professional staff who are committed to helping all of us bring out the writer inside of us. This event was part of their DiverseCity Writing Series, which has been facilitating writer workshops and producing sine cera since 2003. [From all of us at Literacy Action Center, thank you!]

Do you like to write, too?

Join a SLCC Community Writing Center group. Click here for a list of public groups. 

Literacy Action Center hosts two writing groups. Both groups are open to the public. Both groups meet at Literacy Action Center, 3595 S Main Street, Salt Lake City UT. If you join us, then you have a choice between: 
1st and 3rd Thursdays (5:00-7:30 PM) 
1st and 3rd Fridays (3:00-5:30 PM). 

In our writing groups, you write, share, and critique your own writing as you learn from yourself and other group members. Our mentors and group members help each other grow as savvy writers to polish our stories. We also include an educational piece at each group meeting. And, here’s the best part. You can publish your stories each year in sine cera (Click here to see issues of sine cera) and share your stories semi-annually at public reading events. Way cool! 

Join us! No experience needed. 

Just a desire to tell a story.

PS Literacy Action Center needs four writing mentors.

Contact SLCC Community Writing Center 

to volunteer as a writing mentor

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