Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Money Game - Financial Fitness: Is it for you?

When was the last time you really thought about how you handle your income or your debt? Being financially fit is a huge concern in today's society.

Financial literacy is also a huge concern for our adult learners (and volunteers). For many of our adult learners, financial issues are mysterious. The idea of thinking about expenditures and monitoring where money goes is a foreign concept, even more so when you can’t count your change correctly. Taking charge of your financial wealth and health seems impossible when you live from paycheck-to-paycheck (sometimes borrowing money to get through the last few days of the month) and even worse when the bill collectors are standing at your door.

So, what have we done about this issue thus far? We teamed up with Jim St. John, Chief Operating Officer of BMW Group, with BMW Bank of North America. Jim sent us Myra Renwick. (Thank you, Jim!) Myra, herself a long time banker in the Salt Lake area, walked into our lives and our hearts. She brought with her six weeks of lessons, full of provocative “truths” about
ourselves and our relationship to money. (She also brought yummy, healthy treats.)

For six weeks (from February - March 2015), she engaged us in The Money Game – examining our spending patterns, money management techniques, as well as our debt beliefs and pitfalls. She introduced us to strategies for cleaning up our debt, avoiding (or at least limiting) future debt, and changing our credit histories. She got us to set some financial goals and put thought into figuring out sensible spending plans. Additionally, she gave us tips on how to save our money. The best part – Myra just didn’t present a canned speech but delivered this content thoughtfully interwoven with real examples from her life and examples from our participants’ lives.

During the six weeks, Myra touched the lives of over 18 individuals – both learners and volunteers, 12 of which attended 5 or more sessions, thus receiving a certificate of completion.

Thank you, Myra, for your support!
We look forward to working with you again.

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