Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nalco Employees Generate Reading Materials

Have (1,2,3) you (1,2,3) ever (1,2,3) read (1,2,3) this (1,2,3) slow (1,2,3) before? And, still included inflection in your voice?

That was the challenge for nine employees from Nalco Company, a subsidary of Ecolab Company, on March 16th. Our beginning adult readers need opportunities to practice reading on their own. Pre-recorded books are just too fast. Internet sites and apps will highlight words on the screen as the apps or sites read the words aloud. But, we are still in a day and age in which holding a book – the tangibility of the written word – in the beginning stages of reading is important.

We give our adults the opportunity to practice independently by teaching them to follow along with audio recordings of easy-to-read books. These audio recordings are made at the speed at which our new readers can move their fingers to find the next set of letters comprising the next word. Hence, the reason why (1,2,3) these (1,2,3) Nalco (1,2,3) employees (1,2,3) were (1,2,3) reading (1,2,3) so (1,23) slow (1.2,3). 
Nine Nalco employees add sixteen more recorded
books to our collection for adult beginning readers.

Thanks to Robert Holland, Dan Verdeuo, Ben Wiczek, Berkeley Booth, Chris Hutchings, Nolan Miles, James Huser, Adam Shillz, and Blair Furner, employees from Nalco's Utah and Colorado offices, sixteen more books have been added to our collection. Our learners using these materials are grateful!

PS They also hung up two more picture frames for celebrating learner successes in our hallway. 

Thank you!

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