Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Love UT Give UT 2015

A Day of Giving – March 26, 2016 – is almost upon us.

Individuals, like you, from around Utah will be donating money to their favorite 501(c)(3).

Will you?                                            Literacy Action Center's Love UT Give UT entry

We’d love your support. If you’re not sure of how much – here are some suggestions:

Donate $25 to deliver one hour of instruction. Adults come in scared - scarred by years of difficulties. Adults leave our program empowered, excited, and willingly telling others about the literacy tasks they can now accomplish! This change occurs through instruction. Help us change more lives! Donate $25. (By the way, we offer over 44 instructional hours weekly for 50 weeks per year. So you can actually donate multiple instructional hours.)

Donate $50 to purchase quality instructional materials for one adult. Instructional materials include all sorts of media, including internet access, CD recordings, cassette tapes, e-readers, and workbooks. Help us provide these materials for each learner. For example: Last week, employees from NALCO made audio recordings of short, easy books for some of our least-literate adults. Creating, storing, and delivering these internally-created materials are important to our learners and use resources. (Why did they have to create these materials? Because no professionally-recorded books are made at a speed slow enough for our beginning readers. And, these recordings have changed our learners’ lives.) Help us change more lives! Donate $50. (By the way, we work with an average of 120 adults annually.)

Donate $100 to cover the cost of initial screening. Our philosophy is to honor and build on what learners already know, rather than starting everyone from ground zero regardless of their current knowledge. We do this through a combination of formal and informal assessments, taking around 4 hours per person. This information helps us determine teaching methods, instructional materials, and content focus. We re-test each learner after every 50 instructional hours to realign learning strategies. Please help us change more lives! Donate $100. (By the way, we test an average of 120 adult learners annually.)

                                      Whatever you decide…  Any amount is welcome!

Thank you!!!

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