Sunday, March 8, 2015

Body World at The Leonardo

Books may hold a wealth of knowledge. So do our bodies. On Monday, March 23, 2015, sixteen of us went to the latest show at The Leonardo. Dozens of bodies revealed their mysteries to us through the Body World exhibit.

Body World. For more than two hours, we read signs, pointed at body parts, and discussed our understandings of the bodies and body parts we were viewing. Fortunately, several of the people who came with us had some medical training and knowledge of body parts and systems. These resource people added to our trip! Thank you!

Other Exhibits. After lunch, we explored the other exhibits, especially about the homeless - No Fixed Address. This exhibit left several participants talking about the power of the words used to describe some people's experiences.

The crowd is amazed by the bolts of electrical energy striking the cage.
We also enjoyed the "hands-on" exhibits, too. For example, we were fascinated by the angles in which tubes, clinging to the wall, had to be positioned to get our marbles to go through our "tube" courseway. We oohed over the cockroaches and tarantula living in secured enclosures and giggled when we saw our veins pulsing through a monitor in the science section. And, videos were taken when some of us tried to build castles in the large lego building area.

Many oohed, awed, and snapped photos when we watched the Tessler exhibit toss electrified energy into the air, sparking and snapping as it touched the edges of the cage.

Later on. Since not everyone who signed up for this trip showed up, we gave our remaining tickets to three learners who then came back that weekend with relative's children and friends to share what they learned from our trip.

Thank you, The Leonardo! Thank you for bringing in the Body World exhibit and the putting together all the other activities in this "museum." More importantly, thank you for your generosity for letting us share in this experience. Without the donation of these tickets, these adult learners would not have been able to explore the wonders of The Leonardo. Thank you!

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