Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Changes in Learners' Lives

I have learned today that my test scores are higher then they were the last time I took the test. I have been applying myself more. I see that I can learn new things.

It’s been helping me to read, do my math, and my spelling. I can spell river woman and valley. I learned these words in the last two weeks. I am going to learn more! I like coming to this school.

I have been working on my reading and math. I feel I have made improvement on my reading and math.

I have learned how to get a job and how to talk to people.

I have learned to read better and read most street signs.

I’m reading a new book, Cross Country by James Patterson, I’m reading much better.

I know now how to write. I wrote a story about my dog that died. I wrote about my life, short but to the point. I wrote about my dog I have now. I wrote a poem about someone that was close to me. I read a book of stories and made questions on the stories. I have passed off my multiplication and now on division. I read better now and have more confidence in reading out loud. Some of my spelling is better, too. I would like to be able read at a high school or more and spell just as good. I would like to learn to put the right grammar in what I write. I would like to do math at least at a high school level.

In the last few weeks, I have done a lot of studying. I have fun at school and enjoy being there. I love my teachers. They help me a lot.

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