Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 1 entries

This week I set a goal to learn more about the internet. This week I have been working hard on reading, math, and training for the Special Olympics. I had a good week.

I’m writing a scary story. It’s about an evil werewolf doctor that steals hearts and body parts.

I’m relearning the rules of grammar. I had grown to take them for granted and forgotten why they worked the way they do.

I fixed my bike last night. I was talking about goals yesterday. My goals are to read the driver license handbook and to improve my spelling. I also want to get farther in my math than borrowing.

Here at the Literacy Action Center I have learned how to set goals. My goals are to get my life together again by trying 10 times harder to get an apartment for my children and me. So far, I have gotten some applications turned in and I am on my way to accomplishing my goals.

This week our discussion in book club made me realize that our words are very powerful. I learned I must be careful with what words I choose to say to people. People hold onto what they hear and it’s possible they may never let it go!

This week I joined a book club. We are reading The Four Agreements. I found the chapter we read to be very relevant in some way to each of us. Very cool and fun.

I finished another book, The Blue Bay Mystery, to put on the bulletin board. I set my goals for reading, writing, and math.
This week I learned how to set goals. They are to do algebra, read harder words, and type faster.

This week I have learned how to set goals and to go forward with a plan and timeframes to reach my goals.

This week I have been still working with math, and learning how to write a story about a person who was born small in body size and height. He is not handicapped. He is a normal 12-year-old named Astien he is the only child, and he has never met any o his relatives. He had to find a way to find a job and earn money to survive. Astien thought that he was the only child who stood 2 feet tall at the age of 12, until he met small people in town. Astien started feeling better abut himself and he wants these tiny people to be his new family because he will not accept no other family, after his parents dies. One thought lead to another though, so I am going to see how far I get in my first book. I always wondered how authors can go on making up stories for a book and now I am learning how it’s done. I am really interested in sharing my own thoughts. I have written 23 pages so far, and already received feedback saying “we can’t wait until your done! So we can read it.” I have really good support from others who are in my class that care.

For the first time as a dad I was able to help one of my kids with school work. I helped my son with algebra. It means a lot to my son. As a result, he had a great week and doesn’t hate math for now!

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