Saturday, August 28, 2010

I registered for school at South Point High in West Jordan on Wednesday. I got two new packets, and both are the wrong ones. I have committed to reading six books by December. I have learned that hot and cold water boils at the same time. Ashley abandoned us this week just to start college.

This week I was able to compose a short story. I practiced typing while entering my story on the computer. I think I increased my typing speed from 4 words to 6 words per minute. Now that’s precious!

I haven’t read a book since high school. I actually started to read a book this week. I read only a chapter, but my goal is to get this book finished in thirty days. If I put my mind to it, I definitely can do it!

What have I learned? I came to Literacy Action Center with the mentality that I would be answering phones, filing paperwork, and doing clerical work. When I got here I was automatically greeted by everyone, students and interns, who made me feel comfortable and able to speak with everyone. I met an intern named Brenda. She was kind enough to fill me in on who was everyone and where everything was. I noticed that everything here is positive. Everyone commends the people who have accomplished their goals by the end of the day. I actually felt good and excited to return the next day. I have felt positive about life since them. I went home and told my partner all about it. She got happy just to hear how many positive vibes you get here. I look forward to next week.

I learned that I really have a passion to learn.

Coming to Literacy Action Center has reminded me how much I love to help people. Helping people makes me feel like I do my part in the world, which is a great feeling. I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks but I learned that you need to have patience and dedication to really help out here. I haven’t mastered it but I would really love to someday and make a difference in people’s lives.

Julie L.
I have a goal, like all my classmates, to read 7 books in 4 months. I have to read every night. I haven’t yet figured out how to juggle reading and spelling but I know I will figure it out on my own. There has to be an easy way. I just have to wait for it to come to me.

L.A.C. motivates me and helps me accomplish learning new math. This way, when my son gets into school, I can help him with all of his math homework

This week we had Ashley’s party because she is going to college and will not be here as much. It was awesome to see the positive impact she has had on everyone’s life and learning experience. She has touched so many lives here. Ashley is an amazing person and, even as an intern, I’m lucky to know her.

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