Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends by Margie

Since I have started working at Literacy Action, not only have I learned a lot of things but I have made a few good friends.

I have learned how to have patience when helping someone with something. I used to get really frustrated when the person wouldn’t understand what I was trying to explain, and now I don’t. Now I will try to find different ways to explain it. If the person doesn’t get it one way, maybe he’ll get it another.

I have also learned that just because I know how to do it, and I think it’s easy to do, doesn’t always mean that everyone else knows how to do it. I guess it’s that I have been taking for granted the things that I know.

I have also made a few good friends that I talk to and hang out with outside of work. It’s nice to have friends that I work with that I get along with outside also.

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