Sunday, September 6, 2009

Learner Successes September 2009

Jayson just started with us on 9/4. He had two complaints about reading: 1) he could never see pictures in his head created by the words he read and 2) he got lost easily in trying to sound out the words. On 9/4, we determined that Jayson needed to use a color overlay to help the words settle down on the page. Today, Jayson told me that using the color overlay over the holiday weekend helped him immensely. He was most excited to report that he could visualize the story in his head. He then proceeded to tell me about the characters and setting. According to Jayson, this was a first for him. He was mighty proud of what he could now do.

Ellen finally finished Challenger 5. She has worked hard to spell the words in this book. To move on to Challenger 6 however, she has to be able to generate her own sentences with appropriate punctuation. This task stumps her more often than not.

Jerry read before a group for the first time. The funny thing is Jerry didn't realize that he was reading to the group. He was the first to find the definition of the word we were discussing in class and he read (with help) the definition aloud. He was surprised that he felt comfortable enough to try it.

Terry feels good about his multiplication skills. Two months ago he walked in our door not knowing how to multiply. He didn't think he could. Since then he has learned the times tables and can multiply multiple digits, and he knows what to do with the decimals. He's excited about this new development.

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